110AF - Full Flash not Allowed on this Vehicle

Modified on Thu, 1 Sep, 2022 at 11:52 AM

Some vehicles require additional files from our server in order to tune them.  The device can throw a 110AF error code and display a message which asks you to check for updates. To download the needed files onto the device, the device must first read vehicle info (either by reading vehicle info or going to program vehicle and eventually reaching the 110AE/110AD error code). After it knows what your vehicle is (and what file to download) you may download this file by pressing OK to follow the WiFi download portion.

Or to use the Device Updater, select "Cancel" and open the Device Updater program on a Windows PC with Internet access, and selecting the top menu item (Automatically Check for Updates). Once it has fully downloaded this file, the updater will display a message box stating the device has updated for your vehicle. If the device displays an error code but does not download the file at the PC, you can sometimes fix the issue by reading vehicle info at the vehicle and then checking for updates once more at the PC.